• IB Tutors in Dubai.  Daniel’s Educational Services is a top notch institute offering the Best Private Tutors in Dubai since last many years. People have trusted us for A& A-AS level, IGCSE and IB Board tuitions for years. Our academy is providing Online and Home IB Tuition in Sharjah, Jebel ali, Umm sequim, Jumeira, Barsha, Gardens, and almost all other parts of Dubai.

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    Best IB Tutors in Dubai

    • Our IB Tutors in Dubai are somehow necessary for the student for many reasons, which we will discuss further. 
    • As the competition is increasing day by day, the students who don’t get able to go with the race start feeling inferior to others.
    • In such situations, you can trust IB maths tutors having good skills, experience, and knowledge.
    • All our IB maths tutors in Dubai always try to impart the best knowledge to the students, emphasize every concept intellectually, build self-confidence in the students.
    • IB Tutors in Dubai try their best to easily make the students comfortable learning the concepts at their pace.

    Why our IB Tuition in Dubai?

    • Our IB maths tutors in Dubai are necessary and will never disappoint students and their parents, and we try our best to impart the best sort of required knowledge for the betterment of the student and their career in every field.
    • Our IB tutors stand distinctive because of the many features they provide and because of their teaching method.

    Advanced teaching method

    • Every student can grasp things, different abilities of understanding. Our IB maths tutors in Dubai always try to teach the subjects according to the style and speed required by the student.
    • They train the student’s minds in such a way that they can think out of the box. They encourage them to decide on a particular goal and focus on the path to reach that goal.
    • IB maths tutors in Dubai enhance the understanding power of the children, teach or visualize the things so that they can think out of the box, and take regular sessions to clear the doubts of a particular student to grasp something for a long time.
    • Students choose IB tutors to boost their marks and attain good grades, knowledge, and skills.
    • As IB tutors teach the student in the style and speed they want, always try to be the friend and companion which intends into confident development of the students to ask their doubts and open up themselves in front of the IB Tutor.

    How can Our IB Tutors in Dubai

    • As the examination period comes close, the student gets to stress about their studies that how they will revise the syllabus in a short period.
    1. Delivery of services with utmost punctuality
    2. Our IB tutors in Dubai do complete revision with students
    3. Our tutors believe in quick completion of syllabus
    4. We take the regular test, of each chapter, unit and half or full syllabus
    5. We give worksheets/assignment after each chapter
    6. Our IB Tutors in Dubai provide quick notes which consist of all the concepts in it, not only important ones
    7. Full Parent engagement and timely feedbacks
    8. Recoreded video lectures & 24*7 support during examinations
    9. Past paper solving and mock examinations
    10. These things can revise the items quickly and prepare better without being stressed to attain good marks.

    Strategy used by the tutors

    • Every tutor follows a certain strategy to teach the students and impart the knowledge in a better way. Our IB maths tutors in Dubai have their techniques and methods, which they follow as per the ward/student to teach them.
    • They take tests regularly to complete a certain topic or unit and provide the sort of worksheets to do.
    • As maths is a subject that students can’t study by just mugging up the concepts, it requires more practical knowledge than the theoretical or only practical knowledge for this subject.
    • They mostly focus on problem-solving skills, analytical skills so they can attempt the questions without fear.
    • Focus on each topic to not get shocked in the examination with any subject they haven’t studied.
    • Although maths is a subject in which all the concepts are interlinked with each other, you will not get able to go further without going through a certain topic.
    • IB Tutors in Dubai create a linkage between the concepts present in the syllabus that are necessary.
    • They have focused on the student’s basic knowledge, which is quite essential to cope with problem-solving. 

    Development of Problem-solving skills

    • Our IB tutors focus on the problem-solving and analytical skills of the student. They make them solve their questions from different books, just like Haese & Harris, Oxford, Cambridge, and Pearson, etc
    • .So they will get able to understand the different patterns of the questions and attain good problem-solving skills.
    • They provide past year question papers to the students and take mock tests to go through the time management with the problem-solving skills and understand the pattern of their examination.

    Parent interactions 

    • Our IB maths tutors in Dubai do interaction sessions with the parents or guardians of the students regularly to be aware of the students’ performance to make a virtue relation between the parents, students, and IB maths tutors.

    Online IB Tutors in Dubai

    • Our IB maths tutors in Dubai teach through online mode and the students, which might be flexible and beneficial.
    • They can take the sessions as per the requirements, not necessary for the whole syllabus, which will be quite compatible for the parents and the students either economically or anything else.
    • IB Tutors in Dubai provide online classes through skype, zoom, hangout, or any open-source account/platform. A student can watch the recorded sessions as well while having any doubts and difficulties.

    Handling of Difficulties in subjects like Mathematics 

    • There are some reasons due to which a student might face difficulties in learning mathematics. To score a good grade in mathematics, a student must resolve the causes behind the problems.
    • Missing knowledge of the concepts:- a student must be having complete knowledge and strong knowledge of the basic concept.
    • Lack of Memory power:- memory plays an important role in education. The student must remember all the basic concepts which they learned in the past.
    • Development of Reasoning skills:- students must be familiar with reasoning skills try their best to increase reasoning skills.
    • Visualization development:- visualization is important to understand the concepts. They must be having good imagination power.
    • These all are why students lack their interest day by day in learning and might fall back in the subject. 
    • We are the best and most reliable academy offering IB Tutors in Dubai. An average student can raise him or herself to a perfect seven with our highly experienced, qualified and skilled tutors.

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