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    ib physics tutors in dubai

    IB Physics Tuition

    • IB Physics Tutors in Dubai play an important role in the student’s life. Physics is a vast subject it requires good analytical, practical, visualization, and problem-solving skills to understand the core concepts and get good grades.Students can do this under the guidance of the IB physics tutors in Dubai.
    • IB physics is a subject containing a huge amount of syllabus and practical contents. That student might think that he has been left alone and lose confidence.
    • IB physics tutors in Dubai try to build up their enthusiasm by making them believe that someone can help them. IB Physics Tutors in Dubai having a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills.

    Experienced and knowledgeable IB Physics Tutors in Dubai

    • IB Tutors in Dubai are having a lot of experienced can teach you in a better way than any other tutor.
    • They are familiar with your syllabus and each topic present in the content so that they can teach you according to the required IB physics syllabus.
    • IB Physics Tutors in Dubai are knowledgeable and have good skills. They will teach you and cover every topic necessary for the concepts, whether in the syllabus or not.

    Requirements of the students

    • IB Physics Tutors always think about the betterment of the students and always try to make things easier and interesting.
    • They provide notes for every chapter which contains all the points, short tricks, formulas, equations, etc. these notes provided by the IB Physics Tutors help the students to do quick revision at the time of exam so that they can go through each topic present in the content.
    • IB Physics Tutors in Dubai provide worksheets to do on the regular basis to the students so they can build themselves stronger for problem-solving and because so that they can understand the question’s pattern.
    • In every IB school, they recommend IB Physics HL SL book to the students but it is not enough to just go through those books only.
    • So, we provide printed or soft copies for some of the additional books such as Haese & Harris, Oxford, Cambridge, and Pearson, etc. to the students so that they can build up their problem-solving skills by going through the variety of questions.
    • IB Physics Tutors in Dubai provide past year IB questions to the students and take mock tests so they will learn time management, problem-solving skills, and understand the pattern of their examination.

    Quick Syllabus Completion and complete revision

    • Every student has a way of learning. It is important to complete the syllabus on time to get a 7 grade.
    • Therefore, with IB tutors, they can speed up learning in the style they want; hence, they will go through their syllabus on time or before that and get a lot of spare time to revise or focus on other necessary topics.
    • Only after proper revision will students be able to score seven grades. IB tutors take regular tests after the completion of every topic. Consequently, they will get prepare for the exams.

    Use of technology 

    • IB Physics is a subject that requires practical knowledge as well as theoretical to understand the concepts.
    • A student cannot learn this subject by mugging up the thing visualization and imagination is necessary. However, it will get stuck into their mind for the visualization and imagination IB Physics Tutor in Dubai shows animated videos and PowerPoint presentations for the students and uses YouTube, videos, photographs, and pdf wherever it is required. Using technologies makes the classes and the study more interesting and interactive.

    Parents teacher interactions

    • They take regular sessions with the parents to share the feedback of students and the IB tutors to create a better relationship with each other to better the student.

    Home & Online IB Tuition

    • IB Physics Tutors in Dubai give home tuitions and online classes as per the requirements. They take online courses through skype, zoom, hangout, or any open-source account/platform.  A student can watch the recorded sessions as well while having any doubts and difficulties. In online classes, they do not need to take courses for the full syllabus. Instead, they can take sessions for the particular topics according to them.

    Strategies for good grades in IB Physics

    1. A student should cover each topic and understand the concepts because it let the topic get stuck into the mind for a long time
    2. Students should go through all the previous year’s questions, worksheets, and notes provided by the IB physics tutors. It will enhance the problem-solving and analytical skills of the students.
    3. He must know the strategy of time management. So that they can do good utilization of the 24hrs in any productive things. And through this, they will not have to suffer lack of time in the examination.
    4. As IB HL SL both are quite difficult it is a conceptual subject one needs a lot of practice to solve the questions of these books. They must try to solve more and more questions, do practice each numerical, and try to build problem-solving skills in themselves.
    5. A good student always tries to make their notes which makes them pro in the subject. Everyone should follow this. Or they must organize their assessments and notes in a file. This way, it will be easier to find at the time of examination. 


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