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    IB Home Tutors

    IB Home Tutor in Dubai

    If you are looking for IB home tutors in Dubai who improve your grades and provide the best IB home tutoring. So, get ready to start the new academic year with us. Apart from this, parent also thinks that the first 12 years are too crucial. Hence, making the right choice shaping your child’s future. Here are a few highlights of our IB Home Tutoring Services

    1. An expert IB certified teacher at a place of your choice
    2. Delivery of all classes in a safe and comfortable environment of your home
    3. You get customized one-on-one classes at a pace that you can match up
    4. We offer almost all IB subjects. Therefore, You can get all teachers from one academy. This helps in better coordination
    5. All our IB Home Tutors are professionals in a true sense so we can ensure punctuality in service.
    6. Syllabus completion on time and better revision opportunities
    7. Topic-wise tests, chapter-end, unit-wise, and half syllabus tests
    8. Mock Tests and past paper solving

    Our expert international tutors prepare students to get excel in the IB curriculum

    1. Generally, our home tutors find that gaps in understanding certain topics or issues. For the reason that most students fall behind. 
    2. Our IB home tutors are a band-aid on an open wound. Since they know the problems that each student facing during their studies.
    3. Although, our IB home tutors in Dubai adopt the right tools to pinpoint the specific weaknesses of the student. Hence, it will help in increasing their current grade level. 
    4. Our IB home tutors provide homework support and make them independent learners.
    5. Firstly, we diagnose student’s learning journey and then take regular assessments to measure their speed. Secondly, after analyzing them we maintain their progress report and shaping their overall perception. 
    6. The best opportunity for pre-learning with competent IB home tutors. Hence, students are always updated to their curriculum as well as help in revising their subjects.
    7. Furthermore, students get the appropriate level of learning from IB home tutors in Dubai.
    8. Moreover, get help for me. An (internal assessment), E.E (extended essays), and TOK (theory of knowledge) from well-experienced tutors.
    9. We also provide IB crash courses as well as offer tutoring for AP, GCSE, and SAT.
    10. Lastly, we ensure that you get the best in-home tutoring as well as a cost-effective option.

    IB Home Tutors for almost all IB subjects

    1. Mathematics HL and SL: Algebra, functions, trigonometry, probability, calculus, vectors, and statistics.
    2. Chemistry HL and SL: Stoichiometric relationships, periodicity, atomic structure, thermochemistry, equilibrium, chemical kinetics, redox processes, acids/bases, chemical bonding/structure, etc, and additional HL topics.
    3. Biology HL and SL: Molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, evolution and biodiversity, ecology, human physiology, and additional HL topics.
    4. Physics HL and SL: Mechanics, measurement and uncertainties, electricity and magnetism, waves, thermal physics, etc
    5. Economics HL and SL: Microeconomics, macroeconomics, developmental economics, and international economics.
    6. Psychology HL and SL: Biological, cognitive, and socio-cultural approach to understanding behavior, and research approaches.
    7. Business Management HL and SL: Human resource management, business organization, and environment, marketing and operations management, finance, and account.
    8. History HL and SL: Military leaders, the move to global war, society and economy, causes and effects of war, etc, and additional HL topics.
    9. Geography HL and SL: Population distribution, global climate, global resource consumption and security, and additional HL topics.
    10. Computer Science HL and SL: System fundamentals, computer organization, networking, computational thinking, problem-solving and programming, and additional HL topics.

    Get IB Home Tuition from professionals

    1. IB PYP Tutors: Our well-qualified PYP tutors focus on the five essential elements of the curriculum. Such as knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action.
    2. MYP Tutors: Our competent MYP tutors boost confidence as well as evolve an understanding of global challenges. So that, it will help students to manage their learning.
    3. IB DP Tutors: Our one-to-one IBDP mentoring offers a theoretical framework, explanatory videos, strengthening concepts, and time-bound tests.

    Get Help for IB IA, TOK, and Extended Essays

    Daniel’s Educational services have a vast team of IB Examiner tutors who are ready to help and support you with all your tasks.

    IB IA Tutors: We can help you choose a title for your internal assessments for all major subjects like Mathematics HL and SL, Physics HL and SL, Chemistry  HL and SL, Biology HL and SL, Economics HL and SL, Mathematics HL and SL, Mathematics HL and SL, Business Management HL and SL, etc. We also help students in understanding the IA structure and also help by mock moderation of IA.

    IB TOK Tutors: We help students in understanding the Theory of Knowledge Exhibition as well as the TOK Presentation. You can select an IA prompt under the guidance of your teacher and write a fine piece of the TOK exhibition. 

    IB EE Tutors: We help students in understanding the IB Extended Essay. You can select your EE subject and topic under the guidance of your teacher and write a fine piece of the Extended Essay.

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