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    ib geography tutorsIB Geography Tutors in Dubai

    • IB Geography is a vast subject that is introduced at higher and standard levels. Geography is further divided into two parts physical geography and human geography. So that, students can avail themselves of the knowledge of both the contents parallelly.
    • Geography is a vast subject containing a lot of sub-topics. However, it is not easy for the students to go through the entire range on their own.
    • Therefore, our IB Geography tutors play an important role here. They teach all the concepts intellectually and practically.
    • IB Geography tutors are well-educated, specialized, and experienced in their field. They impart the best possible knowledge to the students to get grade 7.                                          

    Make use of Resources by IB Geography Tutor

    • Our IB Geography tutors provide many resources to the students. The resources being provided by the IB tutors are for the betterment of the students.
    • It is advised by the tutors to use all the resources punctually and effectively and enjoy the benefits. Practice as much as possible, as it increases your problem-solving availability.

    Resources provided by the IB Geography Tutors 

    • Provide handwritten notes after the completion of a particular unit.
    • Conduct tests after every chapter.
    • Conduct doubt sessions with the students.
    • Provide worksheets as homework in every session.
    • IB Geography Tutors form a regularity for solving questions so that they can understand the variety of questions.
    • Provide recorded videos for every session.
    • Conduct remedial sessions.
    • Provide past year question papers for preparation before the exams.
    • Finishes the whole syllabus intellectually on time.

    Content included in IB Geography

    • The IB Geography is broadly divided into two parts, and these two parts are furtherly divided into many sub-topics

    Physical Geography

    1. Geomorphology
    2. Hydrology
    3. Oceanography
    4. Climatology
    5. Biogeography
    6. Environmental geography

    Human Geography

    1. Cultural Geography
    2. Economic Geography
    3. Development Geography
    4. Historical and population Geography
    5. Urban and settlement Geography

    Why IB geography is necessary 

    • Geography provides vital research and analytical skills.
    • It provides opportunities and ways to solve social issues.
    • It helps to understand many fields like sustainable development, climate change, natural disasters, urban expansion, overpopulation.
    • Geography is essential to make the mitigation strategies for natural disasters and manufactured disasters.
    • Geographers are appointed to solve the issues like climate change and uncertain natural disasters all over the globe.
    • Learning geography makes you better equipped to deal with challenges.
    • Geography provides you with the perspective you need to understand the world better.
    • It gives you a more comprehensive knowledge of our culture and diversity.
    • Enhance the potential to be economically strong.
    • By studying Geography, you will get to know about the significances of events that occurred in the past.
    • It provided you with navigations skills.                   

    How to score good grades 

    • Make a well-organized timetable for your studies.
    • Get stick with your schedule and follow it punctually.
    • Cover the whole syllabus, not just the necessary one.
    • Manage your time accordingly for every subject and activity.
    • Don’t use the hit and trial method for MCQs. Mark the answer only when you are sure about it.
    • Do a detailed revision for all the concepts regularly as it is a vast subject.
    • Share all your doubts with the IB Geography tutors in Dubai.
    • Read biographies and novels to enhance your reading ability.
    • Read the textbooks again and again.
    • Solve past year’s questions to understand the variety of questions.
    • Evaluate your progress weekly and try to improve your mistakes.
    • Attempt all the test series.

    TOK (Theory of knowledge)

    • IB Geography includes the theory of knowledge as well. In which students have to write an essay of approximately 1600 words which is an oral representation.
    • TOK enables students to think out of the box and deeply about the selected topic.
    • Therefore, IB Geography tutors help you to choose the topic wisely and write the answers effectively. They explain the essential key points to be mention.

    EE (Extended Essays)

    • The International Baccalaureate includes extended essays of about 4000 words approximately. Students have to write a research paper on the topic of their interest.
    • Our IB Geography tutors suggest you write the essays effectively by following some of the critical points.
    • Use simple language and vocabulary
    • Make a structure of the answer before writing it.
    • Collect the key points to be mention.
    • Includes examples and instances in your extended essay.
    • Explain to all the given models that how they satisfy your answer.
    • Create a linkage between the paragraphs to make a flow.

    Interactive Feedback sessions with guardians

    • Parents always will know about the progress of their wards. Therefore, our IB Geography tutors in Dubai conduct interactive sessions with the guardians and the students.
    • So that they can share the feedbacks of the students and the tutor as well with the parents, they conduct these sessions with the parents either online or offline as per their convenience.
    • They prefer Zoom, Skype, and Google meets Hangout, or any other portable account. 

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