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    IB English Tutors in dubaiWe have a team of highly experienced, qualified and skilled IB Tutors working in top IB schools of Dubai like:

    1. Dubai International Academy
    2. Ambassador International Academy
    3. Clarion School
    4. Ambassador International Academy
    5. Dwight School Dubai ,etc

    IB English Tutors in Dubai

    In this developing era, education is a necessary part of life. Moreover, English has become the official and essential language all over the globe and turned into the general language for communication. English is a subject that requires practice, application, and knowledge equally. IB English requires excellent vocabulary, grammar, and fluency for scoring grade 7 in the examinations.

    IB English Tutors in Dubai having good communication skills, higher knowledge of vocabulary, and an excellent approach to grammar. Moreover, they are having several years of experience, knowledge, and higher qualifications. IB English Tutors in Dubai are not only tutors or guides. Furthermore, they are the friend and companion to the students. They approach friendly behavior with the students to make them comfortable to learn new things.

    Strategies to be followed for exams

    1. IB English is a theoretical based subject. To do well in your examinations, you must follow some strategies to score in grade 7.
    2. Must develop reading skills. Consequently, before attempting the questions, read the given content carefully.
    3. IB English is an analyze-based pattern. It would help if you analyzed all the sections of the paper before attempting any question.
    4. Must compare and contrast the content while reading the text. Hence, it makes your answer more accurate.
    5. IB English includes essay writing as well. Before writing, make a structured answer in your mind to not to get distracted by the content.
    6. While writing answers, consider only simple vocabularies and language.
    7. IB English Tutors in Dubai always suggest using the correct, apposite, and structured words in the content.
    8. Our IB English Tutors always suggest you write out your points first.
    9. A student must always include examples or instances while writing any content.
    10. They should support their instances. Therefore, explaining how it satisfies the content.
    11. While writing, the answers must consider that all the content and paragraphs included are interlinked with each other or not.
    12. IB English tutors in Dubai suggest you do more focus on your writing and reading skills.

    Suggestions by expert IB English Tutors 

    1. Read inspirational novels to improve your reading skills.
    2. Write essays daily. It improves your writing ability.
    3. Make a well-organized schedule for your studies.
    4. Stick towards your program, follow it punctually.
    5. Solve past year’s question papers.
    6. Attempt all the test series to check your progress.
    7. Share your doubts with IB English tutors in Dubai.
    8. Analyze your answer by yourself after writing the answers.
    9. Ask for supervision of your answers to the IB English tutors.
    10. Always try to resolve your mistakes and learn from them. So that it will not get repeated in the future.

    Developed techniques

    IB English is a subject which is being more popular day by day around the globe. People have generalized this language for communication. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on this subject with full attention and understanding. Our IB English tutors in Dubai to make you more interested and focused on your studies change teaching. Our IB English tutors have started using technology in the syllabus to make things more exciting and remembering. They use PPTS, PDFs, visual videos, and animated stories. Moreover, our tutors introduced many activities linked with the technologies to improve their communication skills—for example:- story narrations, interviews, presentations, debates, etc.

    Salient features of IB English Tutors in Dubai

    1. Provide notes after the completion of each chapter
    2. Complete the whole syllabus before the examination.
    3. Easily accessible tutors all over the globe.
    4. Do complete and detailed revision for the entire syllabus.
    5. Provide PDFs, PPTs, animated videos, visual graphs, and pictorial representation for explaining complex concepts.
    6. Give worksheets as homework to solve punctually.
    7. Take tests after the completion of a particular topic.
    8. Conduct remedial classes.
    9. Do sessions to interact with the guardians.

    Evolution Programs 

    Evolution is the necessary part of education to check your progress. By keeping this in mind, our IB tutors conduct evolution programs regularly through the following modes.

    • Take tests after the completion of a specific topic.
    • Quizzes.
    • Mock tests.
    • Debates.
    • Story narration.
    • Assignments.
    • Viva’s voice.
    • Presentations.
    • Open-book examinations.

    After the evolution program, they do the grading of each student to observe their weaknesses. Afterward, they focus on improving their mistakes and overcome their weaknesses.

    Mode of learning

    Our IB English tutors in Dubai provide classes through different modes. They conduct classes either through offline mode or through online mode. IB tutors give the same attention, focus, and services. All the tutors are well experienced, knowledgeable, and well qualified.

    Benefits of Online IB Tutoring

    • Learn through their comfortable pace.
    • Provides learning at affordable and reasonable prices.
    • Utilizes their time more productively.
    • Minimum social distraction due to fewer people.

    Requirements for taking Online IB Classes

    • Good internet access.
    • Headphones and a peaceful environment.
    • Tablets, desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc.
    • Skype, Zoom, Google meet, Hangout, or any other portable platform. 

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