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    ib economics tutors in dubai

    IB Economics Tutors in Dubai

    • We are offering following services for IB Economics with our team of most trusted and experienced tutors
    1. Economics Extended Essay IB Tutors
    2. IB Economics IA Tutors
    3. IB Economics HL Tutors
    4. SL Tutors for IB Economics
    5. We believe that learning has no geographical boundaries. We offer the opportunity for the students of Dubai to get the best tutoring facility.
    6. At IB Economics tutors in Dubai, we are a pioneer organization in AS-A levels, IGCSE-GCSE subject tuition for Economics. We also provide tutors for SAT-ACT-AP.
    7. Our IB Economics Tutors create a learning experience for our modern learners to enhance their capabilities. We have specialized tutors for the IB curriculum in IB economics tutoring for standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) in Dubai.
    8. Our tutors are licensed and highly qualified in their respective subjects. We are here to help students with all their projects, assignments, and lab work. 

    Benefits of IB Economics Tutoring in Dubai

    1. IBDP Economics deals with various Economic aspects such as scarcity, resource allocation, and the decisions that fulfill human needs. These lessons include a comprehensive IB syllabus.
    2. So, IB Economics tutors in Dubai help students to focus on advanced knowledge of the topics to score better. We have different approaches to help the student get the best IB Economics tuition.
    3. For both the IB Economics SL and the IB Economics HL, students are required to study four topics: 
    4. IB Microeconomics: Microeconomics develops essential gears that help students gain insights into the market economy and the effects of different government interventions.
    5. It also concerns how the decision-makers behave. And the HL IB Economics students also learn about the costs, revenue, profit, and market structures. 
    6. IB Macroeconomics: The macroeconomics section comprises the general price level of an economy that does not include the individual prices of goods and services.
    7. Macroeconomics is quite different from microeconomics. The reason behind this is that students have to study the overall economy. Although, an entire economy is a collection of consumers, businesses, and resource owners.  
    8. International IB Economics: It inspects international payment flow and regulates how countries can make these payments. Does it also comprise questions such as Why do countries trade with each other? How is work beneficial? Etc. In conclusion, the consequences of trade barriers are examined in this section. 
    9. Development IB Economics: The development Economics course pays attention to economic growth and how it is measured. It also examines the role of domestic factors as well as trade strategies to drive growth. 

    IGCSE/GCSE Economics  Tutoring program

    1. Our GCSE/IGCSE experienced tutors provide high-quality tutoring that concentrates on the techniques that enhance student’s performance. 
    2. We offer revision courses that help students to revise their knowledge. 
    3. Apart from this, we mainly focus on the 15-mark question that is the most challenging. This question helps get a higher grade.
    4. So, we guide students on how to tackle and grasp the total marks. 
    5. Our IB Economics tutors give you essential tips and improve your understanding skills.
    6. The teacher’s ability depends on how they help weak or slow learners master the GCSE/IGCSE Economics concepts. Our tutors brush up on specific topics where they lag.
    7. We effectively improve analysis, evaluation, and numeric calculations to make students confident and stress-free. 

    What do we offer?

    1. Full-year support for all Economics SL and HL unit
    2. Certified lesson plans on Zoom
    3. Regular tests and evaluation
    4. Practice question papers
    5. Discussion classes
    6. Homework and revision worksheets 
    7. Assist or guide students to write a good commentary for IB Economics
    8. Help students to adequately demonstrate their knowledge and skills in their IA
    9. Provide writing support in IB Extended Essays
    10. Conceptualize methodology that helps in understanding crucial concepts

    IB Economics Extended Essay Tutors

    • If you are passionate about the subject and have complete confidence to set up a perfect IB EE report, you should choose it. Here are Some tips that we endow to make your EE a good research question:
    1. A 4000-word limit is a must to explain both scope and economic content.
    2. We advise students to pick a topic that is extensive and comprehensive, i.e., consumers in Singapore.
    3. Don’t forget to limit the number of economic concepts.
    4. Reasonable explanation and analysis are necessary to linking concepts with each other.
    5. It is imperative to enhance the academic tone of your essay by providing economic terminology and critical terms.
    6. Don’t omit any required element – title page, table of contents, page numbers. 
    7. Clearly explain the diagram and label it appropriately.
    8. Students must provide references for all their quotations, and don’t forget to write a bibliography.
    9. Definitions should be precise or accurate.
    10. Lastly, we say that there is no easy way to gain a high grade. Students must follow the whole IB EE criteria appropriately.
    • We know that Dubai students or parents are struggling for better tutoring since Covid-19 shuts schools. So, our IB Tutors in Dubai provide support to overcome the obstacle in passing the IB academic year.

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