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    IB Computer Science Tutors

    We have a team of experienced IB Tutors chosen helping students studying in almost all Top IB Schools of Dubai and other parts of middle east. Here are a few examples of them

    1. Abu Dhabi International School
    2. American community school of Abu Dhabi
    3. Dubai International Academy
    4. Dar Al Marefa Private School
    5. The British International School
    6. Doha British Schools, etc.

    IB Computer Science Tutors in Dubai

    In the science group, IB diploma computer science is an important subject. So, learn and score high with subject matter experts in Dubai. IB computer science tutors in Dubai provide the best online computer science tutoring. Moreover, IB CS Dubai tutors communicate with students confidently and effectively. They make an understanding relationship with them. 

    The objective of IB computer science tutoring in Dubai

    Our computer science Dubai tutoring encourage attitudes that are necessary to respect and evaluate student’s perspective. Our computer science tutors in Dubai ensure that they enhance breadth and depth of knowledge. 

    1. We help students to challenge as well as develop essential skills for individual students.
    2. IB CS tutors in Dubai put methods and techniques that help to understand the concept better.
    3. Moreover, our IB Computer science tutors quickly measure the capability of each student and make a study plan according to it.
    4. Our tutoring help to exceed student’s learning goal with a customized education program.
    5. Apart from this, we always pinpoint different learning techniques and plan to target specific areas for improvement.
    6. Furthermore, our computer science tutors are well-motivated that breaking the problematic concept and provide the solution for all academic problems.
    7. Parents can easily monitor their child’s performance. Apart from this, assignments and assessments are carefully evaluated. 
    8. We help students to solve their queries with simple procedures or simple steps.
    9. Help students to develop intellectual understanding and encourage open-mindedness. 
    10. Lastly, our chapter-wise notes, assignments, ppts, past papers also help students achieve good grades in computer science. 

    Benefits of IB CS Tutoring in Dubai

    Online IB CS tutoring provides computational-based problem-solving techniques. Our tutors also introduce the principles of algorithm thinking. Our IB computer science tutors strengthen abstract thinking with module plans to design. We have a well-experienced Computer science team in Dubai that helps students to develop programming skills. Undoubtedly, all computational queries are gone through from our Dubai computer science expert tutors. During our sessions, students can prioritize computational thinking as well as gain fluency in programming. Moreover, we ensure that students can understand the structure of a programming language such as Java, PHP, etc. Apart from this, our IB computer science tutors in Dubai helps students to gain knowledge about digital electronics, numerical representations, file systems, databases, etc. Our subject matter experts also help students acquire knowledge of system fundamentals, number systems, data structures, etc. 

    Notable Features of our Tutors

    1. Our tutors are trained and proficient in IBDP, IB MYP, IGCSE, GCSE, A & AS Level, O level, AP (Advanced Placement), and SAT. 
    2. Moreover, our online IB CS tutors guide students step by step. So, that students understand every concept easily. 
    3. With the help of virtual classrooms and a shared whiteboard, our tutors deliver IB computer SL and HL lessons.
    4. We provide help from group 1 to group 6 subjects for me. An (Internal Assessment), EE (Extended Essays), TOK (Theory of Knowledge), and Lab reports.
    5. Our tutors are more than ten years of teaching experience on the international board.
    6. Our online computer science tutors employ modern technology. So, it will be helpful for students in avoiding heavy and hectic risky traffic. 
    7. Most importantly, students can learn at their own pace and convenience.
    8. IB Computer Science Students can access their lessons and tutors from anywhere around the world.
    9. Computer science students have familiarity with computers. So, it is also easy for them to access the login panel.
    10. Our computer science Dubai tutors prepare students to apply skill communication and information technology. 

    IBDP computer Science HL course

    The HL course involves an understanding of the fundamental concepts of computational thinking. Besides, Students also acquire knowledge of how computers and other digital electronics work. In this course, students study how computer science interacts as well as influences cultures. Apart from this, students also learn how individuals and societies behave. Also, how ethical issues are involved. During the course, students also develop computational solutions. 

    IBDP computer Science SL course

    This course enables students to apply and use a body of knowledge that characterizes computer science. Moreover, it involves the ability to design, prototype, and test a proposed solution. It also raises awareness of moral, ethical, social, economic, and environmental implications. Apart from this, it also involves the capability to evaluate the success of the proposed solution. So, it will help in making suggestions for future developments. The SL computer science also contains an ability to identify a problem or unanswered question. Our IB Computer Science tutors in Dubai offer the best tutoring service, and our online tutors are ready to give you the help you need. 

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