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    IB Business Management Tutors

    IB Business Management Tutors

    • We provide qualified, trained, and specialized IB business management Home and Online Tutors in Dubai.
    • Ifyou want to understand business management better, then seek help from our expert tutors. We offer result-oriented IB BM Tutors that help students to know their potential and score better.
    • The only critical point to mastery in business management is you have to think like a business leader.

    How to ace the IB BM Exam with us?

    • If you want to study in a top university, you have to score 6s and 7s to meet their criteria. IBO is an educational board that appreciates hard work, mature thinking, and application. So, students have to start their preparation without delay. 
    • Connect concepts to scenario-based questions: If students master in BM, then they apply the business concepts. Our tutors help students to develop well-scope research that met IB criteria. 
    • Provide lesson notes, practice questions: We provide the solution to all your business problems. Since we know that a wrong decision left terrible consequences. So, we want that you not to face it and easily understand all the crucial concepts.
    • Increase productivity and efficiency: We know that a good understanding of profits, costs, and sales helps students to survive in the long run. We assist students in making appropriate decisions in choosing their assessment topics. 
    • Create a balanced argument: We always advise students to prepare some assertions that could be wrong. Don’t hesitate in choosing it. As a result, you effectively interpret data and back up any argument. 

    Follow 3Cs (content, concept, context):

    1. The content includes a profit margin.
    2. Context consists of the products that help businesses.
    3. The idea contains business strategies.
    • Ultimately, these 3 Cs help students in proving what you are talking about. And your research must rely on the other people, i.e., outside your school. 
    • Overall, we want students to enjoy BM and keep looking critically in their day-to-day life to get ideas. 

    Help in IB Business Management Extended Essay

    • We suggest some IB business management EE ideas. 
    1. Zero commission rate affects the profitability position of the brokerage firm.
    2. The application of lean production principles
    3. The usage of Guerilla marketing affects the brand image of supreme
    4. Adopting digital promotion and distribution strategies that contributed to ABC entertainment sales growth during the pandemic 
    5. To increase product consumption, what strategies should Tesla implement in its marketing.

    IB BM IA Help

    • How the HL IA is different from SL IA?. Students have to clear the difference between SL IA and HL IA.
    1. In the HL IA, most information originates from primary sources. While in SL IA, all knowledge derives from secondary sources. 
    2. You don’t need a research proposal section in SL. 
    3. All your data for SL IA is originated from few documents that you choose.
    4. SL students have 3,4 or 5 primary sources. In contrast, HL students choose as many sources as they want. 
    • Choosing the documents for IA: These points matter while you are writing your IB BM IA.
    • Various views: The issue you chose must contain a variety of relevant information.
    • Numerous types: To make your IA different lookout on different ways, i.e., CNN and BBC news stories, academic reports, available market research, etc. 
    • Impressive: Take one source and explain it remarkably that shows your willingness to work. Take a deep insight and go beyond the minimum requirements. 
    • Recent sources: All your supporting documents within a maximum of three years before your final exams. 

    How to structure your SL business management IA? 

    1. Title pageIt must include your research question, intended audience, session, the IB number, IA word count.
    2. Content page: It comprises acknowledgment, introduction, methodology, analysis, discussion, conclusion, work cited, appendices. 
    3. Acknowledgment: In which you have to thank people who helped you in your IA. 
    4. Introduction: Write the company name and clearly explain the work of the company. Then briefly describe your research question. Lastly, explain why this topic is essential for the company. 
    5. Methodology: It includes viewpoints/perspectives to convince your examiner. In this section, mention all the parts of the course and explore the issue. Apart from this, it removes all the potential weaknesses. 
    6. Analysis and Discussion: Use 3 or 4 analytical techniques to get points for all your insights. 
    7. Conclusion: Don’t waste your time on those arguments which have already been discussed previously. Your decision must support your analysis. It also includes a clear answer to your question and also puts some limitations on your research. 
    • Works cited: It includes minor additional information. 
    • Appendices:It contains all the copies of 3-5 supporting document and label them. Also, highlight the parts of your analysis that support your paper. In conclusion, at IB business management tutors, we help students with all academic challenges that they faced in any group I to group VI subjects, IGCSE, A, AS, SAT, and SAT – II. We cater them all the support to achieve good grades. 

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