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    IB Biology Tutors in Dubai

    IB Biology Tutors

    Hundreds of parents trust us to find the best IB Biology Tutors in Dubai that are one of the most challenging subjects in the IB curriculum. Our tutors guide students with different exam techniques. Furthermore, our tutors have years of experience that help students in securing 7s. So whether you are looking for any group 1 to group 6 subjects AP, SAT, O-level, A & AS, IGCSE, and SAT II, we would give you immense help in them. 

    Why chose IB Biology as asubject ?

    IB Biology is a very challenging subject that is varying from cell structure to ecology. It comprises different life forms, from the smallest to gigantic life forms. Practicing such a level of knowledge needs an online platform that provides innovative features that make up your lost time. We think that without an expert IB tutor, students can falter. 

    Historical experiments such as Hershey and Chase need deep understanding. Furthermore, if you want to succeed in this field, you also have specific knowledge about Okazaki fragments.

    Similarly, the competition is very high, and you have to understand the complexities of IB biology. For example, suppose you want an honors degree in this field. Additionally, if students opt for HL IB Biology, they also have to study an extra series.

    Benefits of our IB Biology Tutors in Dubai

    1. A friendly user interface that makes a fun learning environment.
    2. Punctual delivery of classes
    3. Timely course completion
    4. Quick and comprehensive revision
    5. Student’s progress online report. 
    6. Online testing in the form of mini-quizzes.
    7. Moderation for TOK, IA, and EE.
    8. Individual proposal to every student
    9. Monthly updates that help you to prepare and revise for IB.
    10. Previous year question and mock test
    11. Doubt clearing sessions
    12. IB Biology resources, notes, videos animations 
    13. Past year papers with detailed solutions
    14. Essential exam techniques to established learning outcomes.

    Some of the most demanding topic in IB Biology HL/SL:

    1. Photosynthesis
    2. DNA
    3. Plant Science

    If you are struggling with IB Biology, then we are here to solve all your problems. 

    IB Biology HL & SL course curriculum

    1. Cell Biology: It comprises the ultrastructure of cells, the origin of cells, etc.
    2. Molecular Biology: It tells about the formation of carbohydrates and lipids, proteins, enzymes, etc.
    3. Genetics: In this topic, students learn about genes, genetic modification, etc. 
    4. Ecology: It contains species, communities, climate change in the ecosystem.
    5. Evolution and biodiversity: It has a broad classification of biodiversity.
    6. Human Physiology: It comprises digestion and absorption, defense against infectious diseases, etc.  Additional topics for those students who chose IB Biology HL:
    7. Nucleic Acids – It contains DNA structure, transcription, and translation. Metabolism, cell respiration, and photosynthesis
    8. Plant Biology: Students learn about transportation in xylem and phloem, respiration, etc.
    9. Genetics and evolution: It consists of meiosis, inheritance, and gene pools.
    10. Animal physiology: In this topic, students have to learn antibody production and vaccination, kidney and osmoregulation, etc.

    As a part of IB biology, there is a topic that is chosen by your teacher. They are:

    1. Neurobiology and behavior for both HL & SL comprise neural development, the human brain, and perception of stimuli.
    2. Additional HL neurobiology and behavior topics include neuropharmacology, innate and learned behavior, and ethology.
    3. Biotechnology and bioinformatics for both HL & SL – In this, you must learn microbiology, biotechnology in agriculture, and environmental protection.  Topics for HL only are medicine and bioinformatics.
    4. Ecology and conservation for both HL & SL- It contains communities and ecosystems, conservation of biodiversity, etc. Other HL ecology and conservation topics are population ecology, nitrogen, and phosphorous cycles.
    5. Human Physiology for both HL & SL – It comprises human nutrition, digestion, etc.  Additional HL human physiology topics are hormones, metabolism, and transport of respiratory gases.

    How technology helps in the IB preparation

    Technology promotes online tutoring that helps students to navigate their way easily. If you want a practical learning experience, then technology help to cultivate you in your weak areas. Also, students easily engaged with these forms of learning. 

    Benefits of online tutoring in this pandemic situation

    In this pandemic situation, many students switch to online learning because it is the most convenient mode of education. If you want to conquer an entire course of Biology HL & SL. Our IB Biology Tutors in Dubai guide you to drill down all the important topics that have high weightage. It allows live interaction between the student and the tutor.

    Our IB Biology Tutors in Dubai class sequence

    Biology Tutoring HL online – 90 hours

    IB Biology Tutoring HL online – 120 hours

    Biology IB Tutoring SL online – 90 hours

    IB Biology Tutoring SL online – 120 hours

    Students need to complete some practical work in any IB science course. Such as practical activities, personal investigation, and group 4 projects. There is some lab work, project work that contains 20% of the overall IB exam, and an experiment in all three.

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